Balancing Energy Efficiency without Compromising Indoor Air Quality - Green Mark Building Singapore Event

We are pleased to share that Big Red Pte Ltd recently participated in the seminar, “The Future of Buildings Energy Efficiency Retrofit,” co-hosted by SGBC (Singapore Green Building Council) and Cushman & Wakefield Services. Held on the 25 October 2018, it was an extremely well-received seminar, where the attendees included a range of real estate professionals, from Architects to Building Contractors.

Mahesh Manikashetti, Big Red’s Director for Sales and Strategy, was invited to speak on this occasion covering the topic of “Balancing Energy Efficiency without Compromising IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).”

The dialogue focused on the effects of energy efficiency measures adopted by buildings on specifically two IAQ parameters – Relative Humidity (Rh) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). It is our opinion that these parameters are hugely compromised when despite differing operational conditions, a building’s Facilities Management Team, Operations or Asset Management Team endeavor to maintain the prescribed kWh/m2/year benchmark on an annual basis.

When relative humidity (Rh) in a building increases, the often consequential mold growth can lead to significant costs to the Building Owners/Operators to rectify the situation. This is consistent across all kinds of buildings, such as Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial or Residential. Occupiers of such buildings are also exposed to health hazards and are generally unaware of why their productivity is suffering or why they are falling sick.

For more details on our dialogue, we are happy to share the presentation below for you to view and download.

We would like to extend our gratitude to both SGBC and Cushman & Wakefield for this opportunity to share Big Red’s knowledge and expertise in this field.